Backup & Restore Kafka Configuration

  • Kafkawize has a feature wherein it is possible to synchronize all the configuration of topics and ACLs in a cluster and store in a metastore like RDBMS or File. 
  • In case of an issue with the cluster, for instance a zookeeper crash or a data center failure, where all the topics and ACLs config is lost. In this situation, all the config from Kafkawize metastore can be restored back on the cluster with a single click.  Read more…
Kafka Backup Restore

Typical Kafka Operating environment

Challenges & Observations

  • Manual Activities : One Topic creation, access and promotion to higher environment takes 10 Email communications.
  • Longer lead time : E2E communication and execution of above 10 steps takes approximately 2.5 hrs excluding non-response time humans.
  • No centralized governance setup possible as all actions are initiated through E-mails. Request approver list is maintained in excels / confluence.
  • No release management Release processes (Promote config from env to another) are manual which is error prone and can cause system outages
  • No Audit There is no audit of requests

Where does it fit ?

Your Kafka Topics, ACLs

Every configuration can be requested with ease


Notify teams when new Topics/ACLs/Schemas are created

4-eye principle

With reviews and validations, your config is safe

Holistic view

Dashboard provides a high-level view of your topics, producers and consumers

Automate processes around your Kafka clusters with workflows, reduced risk full audit, governance.

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